Tournament Bonus



The Renegade Bonus Program awards $3,000.00 per win in ANY NEW boat and motor purchased from Renegade Marine and Outdoor Center with a 225H.P or larger motor based on bonus rules

The Renegade Bonus Program awards $1,500.00 per win in ANY NEW boat and motor purchased from Renegade Marine and Outdoor Center with a 60 H.P.  up to 225 HP  motor based on bonus rules


  1. Minimum of 60 actual boats per tournament required in order to be eligible for The Renegade Bonus Program
  3. You will have 14 Days from date of tournament win to claim your bonus money
  4. Tournament Director must verify Boat and Motor Serial # to completed entry form at the time of win
  5. Owner must fish tournament out of boat listed on completed entry form in order to collect bonus money
  6. Boat must be a new boat and motor with a 60 H.P. or larger motor purchased at retail price from Renegade Marine & Outdoor Center to be eligible  
  7. Bonus Program starts from Purchase Date listed on Marine Purchase Order and will run for 24 Months from said purchase date, winners are eligible for up to 2 wins per year (a year being 12 months from purchase date)
  8. All Wins are Subject to Voice Stress or Lie Detector Test
  9. Completed entry forms must be received 7 business days prior to tournament start date

All Tournaments must be sanctioned tournaments to qualify!
 Sanctioned Tournaments 

All Renegade Bass Tournaments

BFL: Mountain



BFL: Hoosier

BFL: Music City

Kentucky Bass Federation: State Championship

Sanctioned USA Bassin Divisional Tournaments  

IN-05 Hardy Lake Spring Division

IN-06 Hardy Lake Tuesday Night Division

IN-11 Hoo Rag Division (Patoka Lake Fall)

IN-12 Fish Guardian Division (Patoka Lake)

IN-13 The Rod Glove Division (Patoka Weeknights)

IN-21 West Boggs Division

IN-27 Rocky Point Fall Division

IN-40 Ohio River-Angel Mounds Division

IN-52 Rocky Point Division

KY-01 Prowler Twin Lakes Fall Division

KY-02 Renegade Twin Lakes Saturday Night Division

KY-03 Renegade Twin Lakes Summer Division

KY-04 Ohio River Big Bone Division

KY-05 Ohio River Warsaw City Division

KY-06 Taylorsville Lake Division

KY-07 Eastern Kentucky Division

KY-08 Green River Lake Division

KY-09 Barkely Lake Division

KY-10 Guist Creek Lake Division

KY-11 Herrington Lake


KY-12 Tennessee River Division

KY-13 Ohio River Carrollton Division

KY-14 Cadiz - Trigg Co Division

KY-15 Ohio River Cox's Park Fall Division

KY-16 Cedar Creek Lake Division

KY-17 Cumberland Lake Division

KY-18 Little River Division

KY-19 Guist Creek Fall Division

KY-20 Beshear Lake Division

KY-21 Carr Creek Lake Division

KY-22 Ohio River Cox's Park

KY-23 Yatesville Lake Division

KY-24 Paintsville Lake Thursday Night Division

KY-25 Fish Trap Lake Division

KY-26 Grayson Lake Division

KY-27 Barkley Tuesday Night Division

KY-28 Little River Fall Division

KY-29 Beshear Lake Night Division

KY-30 Buckhorn Lake Division

KY-32 Cave Run Lake Division

KY-33 Barkley Lake Summer Division

KY-41 Laurel Lake Division

KY-50 Lucas Oil Kentucky Open Division

Sanctioned Regionals   

Southern Indiana State Regional #1

Southern Indiana State Regional #2

Eastern Kentucky State Regional

Ohio River Regional

Renegade / Prowler Regional

Eastern Tennessee Regional

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